Atal Tinkering Lab-Package 3


This is 3rd package of Atal Tinkering Lab (a form of STEM lab).


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This is 3rd package of Atal Tinkering Lab (a form of STEM lab) also referred as Add-on Package 1. This pack includes-

  • Hacksaw Frame, Hacksaw blades, Mini Hacksaw Frame, Mini Hacksaw blades,
  • Pliers: 4.5-inch size, Tweezer Set,
  • Ball Pein Hammer, Steel Shaft Claw Hammer,
  • C-Clamp, Allen Key Set, Drill Machine Set, Drilling Workstation,
  • Spanner Set, Vice Normal, Precision Screw Driver Set,
  • Wrench, Wire Strippers, Screwdriver, Cordless Rotary Multitool Set,
  • Air Blower, Drill Bit Set, File set, Mini File set, Flexible Cutting Mat,
  • Plastic Storage Drawer/Organiser, Pegboard, Hot glue gun,
  • Digital Oscilloscope, Soldering Kit, Adapters, Electric Screw Driver Set,
  • Dual Temperature Heat Gun, Soldering Helping hand, Return measuring tape, Stainless Steel Rule,
  • Digital Vernier Calliper, Spirit Level, Digital Pen electric Tester,
  • Digital Multi Meter, DIY Paper Microscope, Telescope, Sewing Kit.

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